Jan and I are completely satisfied and pleased with the porch project that you helped us plan and that you constructed.  At the conclusion of the project, both the enclosed porch and the remodeled bedroom were exactly as we had envisioned them.  We are happy to recommend Poudre Valley Home Improvement, Inc.

When we were first thinking of the project, we found your contact information on the Better Business Bureau website.  We consulted two other contractors before selecting PVHI for the job.  Some of the things we especially liked about working with you include:

  • Professional in Every Aspect – Communication, presentation, appearance.  You kept us informed by phone and /or e-mail throughout the project, and there were no surprised.  We were comfortable having you and your helpers in and around our home, even when we were not there.
  • Quality Workmanship and Materials – You have the right tools for every task, and a willingness to share options with us for the best result.
  • Can-do Attitude – In an older home there always seem to be mysteries that appear as a project develops.  You looked for solutions and kept an eye on our budget as we solved the problems.
  • Above and Beyond – “I can help with that” was your first response to things that came up in conversation, such as skylights during the roof replacement, and the gravel for the driveway and road.  When a storm brought down some branches, you hauled them away along with those from your own house.
  • Network of Vendors and Providers – You know which professional to call for every job (engineer, electrician, drywaller, painter, carpet, window covering, etc.)
  • Respect for Schedule – You completed the project by move-in date, and kept in touch for a few small things to adjust.
  • CSU Construction Management Alumni – You are a credit to the program!


Craftsmanship, Work Ethic, Integrity, and Creativity seem to be the cornerstones of Poudre Valley Home Improvement’s business. Add to that, Dan and Aaron’s winning personalities and you couldn’t find a better team for your next project.

They spent nearly two months on our huge, multi-level deck, which meant we saw quite a bit of them.  They arrived early, stayed late and spent their days hard at work.  Every evening they cleaned up the detritus of the day.  Outstanding problem solvers, they applied their expertise to our many and specific desires so that the finished project satisfies our needs and delights the eye.  Even our building inspectors were impressed with the workmanship.  The in-progress inspectors passed the project without hesitation and the final inspector declared it a “great job.”

Dan and Aaron were unfailingly professional and cheerful–a pleasure to have around.  And they even worked well with our dogs, who insisted on joining the project.

Linda & Jim

To anyone considering Dan Bucholt and Poudre Valley Home Improvement, Inc. for your building and/or remodeling needs:

We purchased a 1963 ranch with the intention of remodeling to “contemporize” it by opening up the space and updating throughout.  We interviewed four or five contractors who had all been recommended to us by friends or colleagues.  Dan Bucholt, PVHI, Inc. rose to the top.  His personality, character, portfolio of previous work, and description of the way he does business sold us to contract with him.

During the process of our remodel, and watching Dan work, it was clear that not only is he very conscious of what his client wants, he’s meticulous in his attention to detail and quality workmanship.  He also has keen and vision and we appreciated his suggestions on various aspects of our remodel design.  As a result of his suggestion, we now have a great ‘walk-around’ floor plan between living room and kitchen.

Dan is easy to work with and really listens to your ideas, desires, concerns and acts on all as best, and as quickly, as he can.  And while our remodel took longer than we’d anticipated (what construction project doesn’t); Dan made every effort to accommodate our timeline for various aspects of the project – like clearing, cleaning and readying the house for 35 dinner guests during mid-week construction.

We will contract with Dan for future projects and have no reservation in recommending him for your building needs.  A side benefit of hiring Dan, is meeting his wonderful family!  This is another reason why we enjoyed working with him.  Dan is a great family-man as well as a great contractor.

With sincerity,
Debbie and Jeff

This letter is to inform you of the superior quality and attention to detail of the remodeling work completed by Poudre Valley Home Improvement. Dan Bucholt has impressive experience and expertise and pays careful attention to the detail that results in a high quality job. We had our entire upstairs of the house remodeled and put in a beautiful master bedroom/bathroom with walk-in closet. It was a fairly extensive remodeling exercise and the peace of mind he provided due to his expertise and experience was valuable. He continually stays in touch with us during the job and ensures that it is meeting our expectations along the way. It was a long project and Dan and his staff were always conscientious about keeping our house as clean as possible during the entire job.

I am writing this letter several months after the job has been completed. It is flawless and I love it! We haven’t found a single thing that needs “tweaking”. I would recommend Poudre Valley Home Improvement for your remodel as well.


Fort Collins Friends Meeting (also known as Quakers) contracted with Poudre Valley Home Improvement (PVHI) for a major reconstruction of an old garage on our property. Our goal was to rebuild the garage and connect to an existing classroom in a manner that would maintain the architectural integrity of our property while adding a useful and attractive space for our teen aged members. Working with PVHI all our goals were met.

PVHI was selected from multiple bids based on price and reputation. WE worked closely with Dan Bucholt throughout the project. He was a pleasure to work with and was always communicative and willing to work through the typical problems that occur during a project involving old existing buildings. Dan worked well with the architect, the county inspectors, and with various members of our meeting. Since the property is occupied by a caretaker with a family including young children, we needed to be sure that it would remain safe and would not disturb the occupants. Dan made sure that this need was respected. The quality of PVHI’s work was high and any issues were promptly corrected.

Fort Collins Friends highly recommends PVHI to individuals or organizations requiring construction work.


I have hired Poudre Valley Home Improvement to do several construction jobs for me in the past several months.  They have been an absolute delight to work with.  They are extremely professional and competent to do this kind of home improvement work.

One of the most difficult things about home construction projects is that the home owner doesn’t always know what they want.  They are extremely good at putting up with a lot of nonsense and hemming and hawing.  They can finally articulate the vision that you can only wave your hands at.  They designed the little details that made the project come to life in the kitchen.

They are incredibly professional.  There was a lot of gear around our house during the course of construction.  Inevitably, each night before they left, they would thoroughly clean up their work space and organize their gear to as small an intrusion on our home life as possible.  And they would see to the smallest details.  I never saw them take shortcuts.  In fact, just the opposite.  They would measure and cut a board until it was the absolute perfect fit.  They seemed to have a strong commitment to quality work.

One of the things I especially appreciated about them was their integrity.  They never compromised on the quality of the project.  In short, I can’t wait to think up another project to get these gentlemen back on the job!